Gopher Swag

Bringing Gophers to the Physical World.

Gopher Sticker Pack - $10

15 awesome Go stickers that every other Gopher in the office will be jealous of. Each sticker is made from a durable vinyl with a laminate that protects them from scratching, rain and sunlight. Every sticker is roughly 2.5"x2.5" (63mm x 63mm), but some are wider or taller depending on their aspect ratio.

This campaign will run for a total of 10 days, after which stickers will be printed, packaged, and mailed to you in a regular old envelope.


No Go sticker pack would be complete without some of the classic gopher images. These were created by Renee French and are licensed under the CC 3.0 license. See the Go blog for more info.


Crash Test Gophers

Inspired by the iconic crash test dummy, these gophers were created by Egon Elbre for the course, Test With Go. In the course we build and write tests for this very website you are ordering stickers from.

Exercising Gophers

Pump up your laptop with these exercising gophers! Both of these designs were created by Marcus Olsson for my free course, Gophercises.

"Stream"ing Bonanza Gophers

These gophers are having a blast playing in a "stream" (I know, this is more a river than a stream) and were created by Simon Stefanelli for a project I plan to work on after my testing course. If you are looking for some design or illustration work you should totally get in touch with him!

Retro Proverbs

These designs feature some of the Go proverbs and are heavily influenced by logos and styles used in the 80s/90s. The original Go gopher used in the first two designs was created by Renee French.

Fun & Playful

These designs were are simply meant to be fun and playful. The gophers used were designed by Renee French and Egon Elbre, and the Go logo comes from the Go brand assets.

Bonus Stickers *

*If there are at least 1000 sticker pack orders I'll try to add some bonus stickers from the designs below.

The gophers in this section were created by Egon Elbre and the bed in the 8-bit sleeping image was created by MagicRedFox as an asset pack for RPG maker.


unique stickers

*plus bonus stickers if there are at least 1000 orders


per pack

S&H included, even on international orders

2.5" (63mm)

approximate diameter of each sticker


days left to order

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the stickers printed?

Stickers are printed via Sticker Mule, which is a pretty sweet printer I've used in the past.

How long until I get my stickers?

Between two to four weeks is my best guess. The campaign will run for roughly 10 days. After that the stickers will be printed, shipped to me, individually packaged, and finally shipped to you.

Most of you will receive your stickers within two weeks or so, but some of you may end up waiting longer. I promise I'll move things along as quickly as I can on my end, and I'll let you know when your stickers ship.

I live in _____________. Will you really ship there for free?

As long as you can receive an envelope in a mailbox I can send you stickers.

Will I receive a tracking number?

No. I will let you know when your stickers have shipped, but they are shipping via regular old mail because it is way cheaper than anything with a tracking number. If for some reason your stickers don't show up after a month or two get in touch - I'll gladly fix the issue and plan to order some extra stickers just in case this happens.

Do we really learn to test using this page in your course, Test with Go?

You bet we do! The final version in the testing course isn't identical to the live version, but they are very similar. The primary differences revolve around how I structured the backend data (I don't use a database at all for the live version).

Why do you need 1000 orders for the bonus stickers?

It is more cost effective to print stickers in bulk, so we need at least 1000 orders to make sure I break even printing the bonus stickers.

Why don't you print with _____________ to save money?

This is my first sticker pack and I know Sticker Mule has both awesome quality and a quick turnaround. This means I can order the stickers *after* the campaign is over without a big delay and avoid the risk of printing thousands of stickers that nobody wants to buy. If this goes well I will look into cheaper printing options - like the printer used by Wes Bos - and see if a cheaper sticker pack is possible.

Once I understand how much demand there will be for future sticker packs I may experiment with cheaper printers and printing them ahead of time to speed up delivery, but it just didn't make sense for the first sticker pack.

Who are you?

I am Jon Calhoun. I write about Go on my blog at and create Go courses like Gophercises, Web Development with Go, and Test with Go. In fact, this very website was used as a project in the testing course!

I previously spoke at GothamGo, was a guest on the Go Time podcast, worked at Google, and founded a Y Combinator backed startup, but these days I mostly focus on helping people learn Go. 😍